Wild cherry (Prunus spp.)

Free Radical Scavenging Activities of Some Edible Fruit Seeds

Free radical seavenging activity to the seeds of some edible fruits from Turkey, namely Citrus limon(L.) Burm. (lemon), Prunus armeniaca L. (wild apricot), P. laurocerasus L. (cherry laurel), P. ...

Petal to the mettle

Flower-essence therapy can be a gentle balm for difficult emotions.

POTIONS CONCOCTED FROM freshly picked, sun-soaked blossoms may seem the stuff of fairy tales, but they just might help you live happily ever after. "Flower essences work to ease our emotional state," says Sally Dawson, a New Zealand-based chiropractor and member of the Flower Essence Society. "After using them, people often find that they're less stressed, more adept at coping with their problems, and better able to move forward in their lives."

New Blueberry and Cherry Superfood Capsules

Announces Dorset Blueberry Co.'s launching of Wild Blueberry and Cherry Flex softgel capsules. High level of anthyocyanin, a natural antioxidant, in each capsule; Cherry version of the softgel ca..

Drink to your health

Provides information about the health benefits of drinking healthy fruit juices. Capability of the cranberries to heal bladder infections, palate-pleasing cherries and arthritic conditions; Ident...

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