Schizophrenia: Natural Treatment Without Drugs


Welcome to another segment of questions and answers. This is where you get to ask questions and I don’t answer them. Steven has a very serious concern. He writes, “I would like to know more about Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer and Pfeiffer’s Law, "For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect."

Natural Cure For Schizophrenia Without Drugs


Yes, many physicians have treated schizophrenia without using antipsychotics. They include:

--Dr. Abram Hoffer, who has treated over 30,000 patients at his Orthomolecular Vitamin Center. He primarily used niacin - that is vitamin B3.

--Dr. Carl Pfeiffer has also treated over 30,000 mental illness patients at his brain bio clinic.

Solving the Puzzle of Schizophrenia: Jewish Paranoia


By Maria Tsepilovan
Clinical Research Coordinator, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

My friend Peter was the star athlete in our high school. Not only could he score a touchdown, but he was an 'A' student who could win a debate with just about anyone, including his teachers. Peter graduated at the top of our class and entered a prestigious pre-law program at an Ivy League University. During his sophomore year Peter began to change. He stopped socializing with his friends, his grades began slipping, and he spent more and more time alone in his room.

The Orthomolecular Treatment of Schizophrenia


"The methods principally used now for treating patients with mental disease are psychotherapy (psychoanalysis and related efforts to provide insight and to decrease environmental stress), chemotherapy (mainly with the use of powerful synthetic drugs, such as chlorpromazine, or powerful natural products from plants, such as reserpine), and convulsive shock therapy (electroconvulsive therapy, insulin coma therapy, pentylenetetrazol shock therapy).

Dr. Abram Hoffer on the Treatment of Schizophrenia


Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD (Medical Doctor), PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), RNCP (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner), founder of The Orthomolecular Vitamin Information Centre.

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