How To Detox / Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins And Chemicals


The Physiological Causes of Illness and Disease

Causes. Causes. That's what we want to know. ..If we want to cure a disease, we need to remove the causes. Managing symptoms, which drugs are designed to do, do not cure any illness or disease. For example, you hit yourself on the hand with a hammer. You take a pain reliever, which prevents the pain signals from reaching your brain. The pain is still there, but you don't feel it.

Natural products for detoxification


The article presents a list of ingredients found in popular detoxification programs including alginate, cellulose, flaxseeds, gum arabic, pectin, psyllium, triphala, alpha-lipoic acid, glutathion...

Ayurvedic Cleansing


Why Do Pancha Karma Cleansing and Rejuvenation Therapy?

Several millennia ago great seers in India cognized techniques for cleansing the body in such a way as to alleviate many forms of pain and suffering (emotional cleansing). These techniques have been grouped together as a potent strategy for curing disease and for preventing onset of disease, as well. By now all of you know about the governing principles of physiology — vata, pitta, and kapha. In other articles we have described their modus operandi, so to speak, so we won’t repeat that here.

Dental Fillings Poisoning Your Body


... the devastating effects of mercury poisoning and the fact that many Americans experience the effects of mercury being slowly released on a daily basis from dental fillings. Due to this fact, the most important step to take in removing mercury from your body is to safely remove the mercury amalgams...the most expensive part of detoxing from mercury—removing the source that is in your mouth. An estimated 85 percent of Americans have at least one mercury filling (each filling being approximately 50 percent mercury) and most have several mercury amalgams.

Introduction to Chelation Therapy


Chelation therapy is the process of removing from the body the undesirable ionic material by the infusion, or taking orally, of an organic compound which has suitable chelating properties. The word chelation is derived from the Greek word chele that means claw (like that of a scorpion or crab).

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