Plantain (Plantago spp.)

Positively plantain

Discusses medicinal values of plantain grown in back yards and gardens in Canada. Types of plantain; Antihemorrhagic effects of plantain's astringent tannins; Antibacterial substances of plantai...

Plantain: First Aid in Your Backyard

Focuses on healing properties of plantain, a weed. Effects of the use of plantain on itching and burning sensations; Use of plantain to cure various skin ailments; Information on various species...

Out of Africa

Presents the recipes for several Kwanzaa festival dishes, such as Tofu Gumbo, Black-Eyed Pea Croquettes, and Sugared Sweet Potatoes, Plantains and Apples.

Plantain Supplement Warning

FDA News Release - June 13, 1997

5 tips for a successful detox

The article offers tips on how to maintain good digestive health. Reduce food intolerances from the diet and slowly reintroduce them after a detox to connect symptoms with food choices. Replace s...

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