Linden flower (Tilia spp.)

Linden flowers

Delves into linden for treatment of heart disease. Origin of linden blossoms; Advantages of taking linden tea; Discussion of arteriosclerosis, another cause of heart disease.


Provides information on the linden tree. Average height of full-grown linden trees; Botanic name; Use of the flowers of several species in traditional medicine; Use of the tree in Chinese medici...

Petal power

The article evaluates several beauty products, including Pangea Organics Malagasy Ylang Ylang & Linden Flower Shower Gel from Pangea Organics, Red Flower Spanish Gardenia Cleansing Hair Wash from..

Yummy Herb Teas

Caffeine-free and healthy too!

Most people drink herbal teas-Europeans call them tisanes-because they want a tasty hot beverage that's caffeine-free. Should the tea have an added health-giving property, that's a nice bonus.


The article focuses on floral hydrosols. Floral hydrosols are the non-alcoholic distillate from the distillation of flowers; Lavender, Chamomile, Linden and Rose Geranium. California Lavender hyd...

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