Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

Prehistoric horsetail and modern healing

The article reports that horsetail is a rich source of silica crystals which is valuable to healing. Silica is important in the development, strengthening and maintenance of healthy bones and tee...

The History of Horsetail

Focuses on the history of medicinal use of horsetail. Capacity of horsetail to reduce inflammation and excess moisture in the body; Diseases treated by the herb; Predominance of horsetail in moi...

Heads up about horsetail

A letter to the editor in response to the article "Prehistoric horsetail and modern healing" in the August 2006 issue is presented.

Horsetail and house leeks

The joy of growing and using herbs.

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense and spp) is one of the plants that has lived on the planet Earth far longer than humankind. There were giant and small horsetails growing in enormous quantities in the Carboniferous period and large amounts of the plant formed the coal seams we have depended on for fuel. Equisetum has no close relatives in the plant kingdom; in fact, it is more like the ferns than the flowering plants.

Horsetail Safety Questioned

Reference: Fabre B, Geay B, and Beaufils P: Thiaminase activity in Equisetum arvense and its extracts. Plantes Medicinales Phytotherapie 26: 190-197, 1993.

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