Horehound (Marrubium vulgaris)

Hyssop and horehound

The joy of growing and using herbs.

Towards the end of summer, a dark corner of my herb patch is transformed by the flowering of an unobtrusive plant, which suddenly is covered with blue flowers. The hyssop is blooming. It flowers with the white Greek oregano, bright orange and yellow calendulas all interspersed with the clear sky blue of borage flowers and blended together with the green and gold of the ginger mint.

Your Essential Herb Garden

Four easy-to-grow herbs for pesky everyday ailments

Growing medicinal herbs isn't for everyone, but if your thumb is even slightly green, and you have a small, sunny garden or even a large window box, you might want to give it a try this spring. But with all the medicinal herbs out there, which should you try to grow first? May I recommend chamomile, horehound, St. John's wort, and feverfew? These four herbs ease the peskiest of everyday ailments, are easy to grow, and are simple to prepare and use.
Count on Chamomile

Herb News

Meet the Mints!
Four old-fashioned herbs that soothe jangled nerves, coughs, and more

People often ask me about the real value of some of the herbs that don't make the headlines. Maybe you've read about them in an old herb book, or you know someone who uses them. While some forgotten herbs have great reputations for being useful for lots of conditions, scientific evidence is scant or absent for many of them. That holds true for these four herbs, all members of the mint family. But does scant evidence mean that these herbs are useless? Not necessarily. Read on.
Catnip: Not for Kitty Only

Ease the Quease

Lists herbs and their functions. Ginger; Black horehound; Peppermint; Fennel.

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