Hops (Humulus lupulus)


Humulus lupulus A Review of its Historic and Medicinal Uses


The value of hops in the beer-making process has been undisputed for centuries; the plant's medicinal uses, on the other hand, are less widely known and have many facets. A brief overview of hops and its uses outside beer production are provided below.

Hop or hops (Humulus lupulus) is a climbing vine belonging to the genus Humulus in the family Cannabaceae, order Urticacales. Older taxonomists included the genera Humulus in the mulberry family (Moraceae).

New prenylchalcones from the hops of Humulus lupulus

Two new prenylchalcones, xanthohumol C and D, together with two known prenylchalcone derivatives, xanthohumol (1) and 5''-(2''-hydroxyisopropyl)-dihydrofurano-[2'',3''-b]-4,4'-dihydroxy-6'-methox...


The article discusses a study which shows that a combination of the herbs hops and valerian may help insomniacs catch sleep. In the study published in "Phytotherapy Research," subjects with sleep...

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