Chickweed (Stellaria media)

Chickweed: In the Midst of Stars

The article provides information on the therapeutic benefits of Chickweed. Chickweeds, otherwise known as starweed, is usually seen during spring season and it grows almost anywhere in a moist en...

Chickweed: Worth its Weight in Gold

How many plants do you know that are effective for a variety of ailments, whether taken internally or applied topically? How many have no drug interactions and can be used in unlimited doses? How many both taste good and are incredibly nutritious?

A new medical marvel from the folks in long white coats?

No! It's just the humble, ubiquitous chickweed (Stellaria media), a bane to the unenlightened gardener but a boon to the rest of us. Dr Herbert Nowell calls this perennial "worth its weight in gold" in the Dominion Herbal College Chartered Herbalist manual.


The article provides information on edible medicinal wild plants and foraging. According to the author, to forage safely, one will need to identify anything one wants to eat with 100 percent cert...

Making Springtime Wild Herb Vinegars

Focuses on the wild herbs that can be extracted into vinegars. Medicinal value and sheer flavor of chickweed, nettle and mugwort; Use of the benign sting of nettle in treating arthritic joints; T...


Focuses on healing effects of weeds. Overview of nutritional value of weeds; Micro nutrients that are present in dandelions; Use of dandelions to cure various ailments; Overview of edible as wel...

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