Cedar, Western (Thuja plicata or occidentalis)

Successful Homeopathic Treatment: An Actress with Psoriasis

The article discusses the successful homeopathic treatment of an actress with psoriasis in the U.S. Thuja occidentalis is a common homeopathic medicine for sensitive people with warts and is ofte...


The article provides information on the homeopathic remedy thuja occidentalis. According to the author, thuja is considered as the tree of life and one of homeopathy's greatest gifts to mankind a...

Cedar vs. Cedar

1. Cedarwood oil from the biblical times is Cedrus libani (fam. Pinaceae). The comparable Cedarwood oil from our times in Morocco is Cedrus libani ssp. atlantica Manetti (fam. Pinaceae) with 3-5% essential oil containing atlantone and floral fruity sesquiterpene alcohols. Its uses include: arterial regenerative-ap, fluid retention, cellulite and edema-ap/applied externally, skin and hair care-ap. Can be used in perfumery.

AromaHerbal Treatments for Poison Oak Rash, and other itchies

Presents several aromaherbal treatments for poison oak allergy. Application of soothing hydrosols; Dilution of Thuja plicata in oil; Addition of essential oils to Aloe vera gel.

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