Cascara (Rhamnus purshiana)

Go for Natural Laxative Relief, But Best If Not From Senna or Cascara

Presents information on safety and effectiveness of herbs senna and cascara sagrada contents from the natural laxatives in the U.S. Implication on the chronic use of the stimulant herbs; Effect ...

Saving Medicinal Plants

The article discusses the effort of the United Plant Savers (UpS) to sustain and protect and lives of medicinal plants in the U.S. and Canada. It states that the organization is ensuring that the...

Natural products for detoxification

The article presents a list of ingredients found in popular detoxification programs including alginate, cellulose, flaxseeds, gum arabic, pectin, psyllium, triphala, alpha-lipoic acid, glutathion...

Periodical Nutrition Hotline

Dr. Shari Lieberman Answers your Questions
Cascara sagrada's effects as a laxative

Q From R.M., Dayton, Ohio: Is it true that cascara sagrada is a non-habit forming laxative?

A Yes. Not only is it non-habit forming, but it is very mild and non-irritating. Also, it does not lose its potency with repeated use and helps to restore the natural balance of the colon. Its action, from compounds in the bark of the plant, is limited to the large intestines, and does not cause the gripping or cramping that other laxatives may.
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8 great weight-loss herbs

Presents information on eight weight-loss herbs. Cascara sagrada; Dandelion; Ephedra; Garcinia cambogia; Licorice root; Psyllium; St. John's wort; Senna; Medical advice on taking these herbs.

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