Burdock (Arctium lappa)

Burdock (Arctium lappa)

An old tradition maintains that burdock root should be gathered in autumn under the waning moon, dried, cut into pieces and strung on a red string. When worn, this burdock necklace will protect the bearer from evil and negativity.

The planet Venus rules over burdock. In medieval times a girl would pick a burr from burdock, give it her lover's name and throw it against her dress. If it stuck he was faithful, if not, he was untrue.

Adverse effects of the top medicinal herbs Part II

Part II. Discusses adverse effects of medicinal herbs. Licorice; Cayenne; Burdock; Peppermint; Astragalus; Ginkgo leaf; Chaste berry; Chamomile.

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Doctor, I want to detox..." is not an uncommon patient request in my office, especially after a long winter of limited exercise, indoor activity, and not-so-fresh food. But just how does one "detox," and is it a good idea?


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