10 BEST healing herbs


New science shows these herbal power-healers can ease pain, prevent Alzheimer's, and ward off cancer and heart disease. Try 3 natural wonders you haven't heard of yet

7 cleansing herbs to reduce our toxic burden


Doctor, I want to detox..." is not an uncommon patient request in my office, especially after a long winter of limited exercise, indoor activity, and not-so-fresh food. But just how does one "detox," and is it a good idea?

Natural Alternatives to Mass Meds


The article focuses on complementary and alternative choices to mass-produced over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Some of the natural alternatives for menstrual cramps are niacin, corydalis and cramp b...

Herbs to Keep You Moving


The article identifies several herbs and the nutritional and therapeutic benefits they offer, such as the ability to stimulate circulation, the nourishment they offer to joints and connective tis...

6 Herbs for your Heart


Dr. Starbuck dispenses some down-to-earth wisdom about heart-friendly botanicals

Circulation, in a manner of speaking, makes the world go 'round. Just as the turning of the earth gives us our night and day, and our weather and seasons, the constant movement of blood throughout our bodies provides us with the nutrients we need to live, and to prevent disease.

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