Vitamin C Inhibits New Blood Vessel Growth to Tumors


The article presents results from a study concerning the role of vitamin C in preventing angiogenesis and inhibiting the growth of blood vessels to tumors.

The 8 Extraordinary Vessels as Representatives of the 7 and 8 Year Life Cycles


The 7/8 year cycles are described in Su Wen chapter 1. Most acupuncture text books quote these cycles as a description of the rise and fall of the person's Qi as one moves through life. Following the 7/8 year cycles of physical energy comes the part that explores immortality, the ability to have descendants past normal child bearing years. Su Wen Chapter 1 basically tells us that can reach spiritual immortality through our spiritual accomplishments and can have descendants past the normal reproductive age (in the form of students/disciples).

BILBERRY: Targeted Protection for the Eyes, Blood Vessels, and Heart


The article focuses on the therapeutic properties of the bilberry and its beneficial effects on human health. A research found out that the bilberry contains a healing phytochemical called anthoc...

Recovery of Small-Sized Blood Vessels in Ischemic Bone Under Static Magnetic Field


Effects of static magnetic field (SMF) on the vascularization in bone were evaluated using an ischemic bone model, where rat femoral artery was ligated. Magnetized and unmagnetized samarium-cobal...

The Ying Qi Cycle and the Diurnal Evolutionary Unfoldment of the Extraordinary Vessels


This article examines the relationship of the ying qi cycle to the extraordinary vessels. The ying qi cycle reveals the relationship of the extraordinary vessels to the evolution of consciousness...

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