The Immune System


The article discusses the significance of the human immune system. It explores on the different understanding of the immune system and defines it as the system that defend humans from microbes an...

The Immune System and Mind Function


Presents comments on studies to determine the influence of mind function on the immune system. Effect of music on immune system imagery; Inhibition or expression of laughter or weeping; Benefits ...

The Immune System and Complementary and Alternative Medicine


The author explores the linkages between complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and the immune system. He says that through experiments, scientific investigations on CAM have partly support...

Build a Better Immune System


The article offers information on how to boost and improve the germ-fighting abilities of the immune system during winter. Coral Gables, Florida-based University of Miami's Touch Research Institu...

The Immune System in Infectious Transmissible Disease


The article reports on the immune system in infectious transmissible disease. The causes and effects of stress, grief, guided imagery and relaxation, humor, hypnotism, emotional expression, skin ...

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