Somatic Anatomy Body Systems


The article discusses the importance of one's awareness of the body systems, how they link up of changing relationships, and creates a foundation for full-body healing. It notes that each system ...

Psoas Major: a case report and review of its anatomy, biomechanics, and clinical implications


A 25-year-old male professional hockey player with right sided hip pain was diagnosed with myofascopathy of the right psoas major and rectus femoris. The patient maintained a conservative treatme...

Yoga Bodies, Yoga Minds: How Indian Anatomies Form the Foundation of Yoga for Healing


This paper discusses the importation of Yoga into the West, in the context of Yoga as a healing modality. It is important to distinguish between adapting a system of knowledge, like Yoga, to spec...



The article provides suggestions on how to use both mind and body to create proper environment for deep relaxation.

The Mathematical Modeling of Pranic Body


In Yogic anatomy, each of us has nine bodies other then the physical one we're well-acquainted with. One of those bodies is called pranic body. Here Pranic bodies are to be thought as the breath .

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