How Does 5-HTP Compare To St. John's Wort?


Taking St. Johns Wort is another way of improving serotonin levels and thereby alleviating depression. If you respond well to St. John's Wort, that's great. If you don't, then try 5-HTP. Michael Murray, N.D., who has written a new book on 5-HTP (5-HTP-The Natural Way to Overcome Depression, Obesity and Insomnia, Bantam Publishing) recommends taking both if you want to enhance the effects of 5-HTP.

5-HTP, Sleep, and Other Benefits


When tryptophan was available, it was a favorite sleep remedy. (It is currently prescription only.) However, studies indicate that 5-HTP has a similar effect. A French study found that 100 mg of 5-HTP resulted in significant improvement in people described as "mildly insomniac." This is not unexpected considering that both tryptophan and serotonin are precursors to melatonin. Also, because serotonin has an inhibitory, effect on the excitory neurotransmitters, it can dampen excess nervous stimulation that might otherwise result in wakefulness.

5-HTP and Weight Management.


A relative deficiency of serotonin is believed to be associated with the brain's perception of hunger and starvation. The effect of serotonin levels on the desire for carbohydrate rich foods was first evidenced in animal studies. Later at MIT, Richard Wurtman, PhD (a research pioneer of the effects of diet on mood), and his colleagues at MIT studied obese persons. The participants claimed that their compulsion to snack on carbohydrate rich foods was the basis of their weight problem. Many reported daily episodes of carbo-craving at 4:00 or 9:00 pm.

Antidepressants and 5-HTP


Answers a question on the concomitant use of 5-HTP with antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications. Data showing that the use of 5-HTP in conjunction with prescription drugs could lead to potent...

5-HTP, The Serotonin Solution


Finally, there is help for those who suffer from depression, sleep disorders, hyperactivity, chronic stress syndrome, PMS, obsessive/compulsive behavior, addiction, and constant carbohydrate craving. 5-HTP or 5-Hydroxy-l-tryptophan, which is a natural extract from the Griffonia plant seed. Griffonia acts by providing your body with 5-HTP or 5 hydroxytryptophan, an amino acid that easily crosses the blood brain barrier, and is converted into serotonin in a natural process.

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