Are They Crazy?


The article provides information in treating patients with fibromyalgia. According to a research, most of fibromyalgia patients are deficient in serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransm...

Brain Mechanisms of Sweetness and Palatability of Sugars


Sugars are sweet and palatable. Sweetness is detected by the neural system, whereas palatability may be detected within the neural and chemical systems in the brain. Sweetness is discriminated fr...

How can I calm trembling legs?


Restless legs syndrome, a burning or creeping sensation that triggers uncontrollable movement, disrupts the sleep of 12 million Americans

Restless legs syndrome tends to run in families, so in most cases the cause is genetic. If you're pregnant or suffer from Parkinson's or diabetes, you may also suffer from this condition.

Before prescribing treatment, I evaluate patients for iron-deficiency or anemia. Iron replacement can reverse RLS if you're deficient or anemic.

How We Become Addicted


The article introduces various factors that contribute to addiction to psychiatric drugs. Results of various social and clinical survey reveal the genetic and social factors affecting the emotion...

The Dopamine Dilemma


The article examines the role of dopamine in human activities. Dopamine can have varied and even contradictory effects, including, promoting feelings of rage or falling in love, making people mor...

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