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Possible Cause Of ADD / ADHD In Children


Low Vitamin D: A Contributor to Mental Disorders in Children?
June 2, 2011 (Honolulu, Hawaii) — Children with severe mental health disorders, including psychosis, have twice the rate of vitamin D insufficiency as mentally healthy children, new research suggests.

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Dr John Breeding, Ph.D., is a psychologist with a well-established private counseling practice in Austin, Texas. A significant part of his work involves counseling with parents and children. Dr Breeding obtained his doctorate in School of Psychology from the University of Texas.

ADHD Treatment Without Drugs


Have you heard of attention deficit disorder (ADD)? Now they’ve got a double, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They lump them together. This is a complex problem that takes skilled medical diagnose and yet health workers in schools who are not carefully trained are willy-nilly diagnosing active children as having ADHD, hyperactivity and some things were given to me earlier. For example, mold can cause this problem, red dye can cause this problem, poor diet can cause this problem, genetic disorders.

Nutritional Causes of ADD/ADHD


In this article, backed by over 50 research papers, Dr. John V. Dommisse, MD (Medical Doctor), FRCPC (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada), lists the causes of ADHD: (a) allergies to foods and food-additives, (b) deficiencies of essential nutrients, (c) environmental toxins and pesticides, (d) the candida syndrome, (e) sugar-intolerance.


Symptoms of ADHD Linked to Poor Nutrition


What Children Eat Can Affect Their Behavior

Do you have trouble concentrating or maybe you have a kid that you’re worried they might have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) because they’ve having trouble in school or they can’t concentrate at home when they’re trying to do homework? Well, this study is for you.

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