R-alpha-Lipoic acid

Do Your Antioxidants Suppress Enough Free Radicals?


The article focuses on the scientific discovery in the U.S. of more potent antioxidants that improve the body's defense against destructive free radical reactions. It has been found out that new ...

Lipoic Acid May Fight Atherosclerosis, Weight Gain


The article presents a study that examines the ability of lipoic acid supplementation to reduce the development of cardiovascular diseases and weight gain in an animal model. Mice prone to cardio...

Lipoic Acid Lowers Migraine Frequency, Severity


The article reports on the therapeutic benefits of lipoic acid based on the study conducted by scientists in Belgium. In their study, scientists demonstrate that migraine sufferers may be able to...

Vitamin E, Lipoic Acid Help Slow Vision Loss


The article presents a study on the effectiveness of vitamin E and lipoic acid in slowing down vision loss. Scientists administered vitamin E and lipoic acid to mice with a form of retinitis pigm...

Consumerlab.Com Finds Some Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplements Come Up Short


The article reports that ConsumerLab.com has announced that two of eleven alpha lipid acid supplements was tested due to its possible less ingredient which was promised on their product labels. I...

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