Prescription Drugs

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Half of All Americans on Prescription Drugs


Way too Many Drugs

Half of all Americans are on drugs: prescription drugs. It's true, says the Associated Press (14 May 2008): "Half of all insured Americans are taking prescription medicines regularly for chronic health problems." That is nothing to be proud of.

Gangsters in Medicine


The annual death toll from synthetic prescription drugs, both from the correctly prescribed and the incorrectly prescribed, amounts to about 231,000 deaths every year. To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent of a world trade center disaster every week for over a year and a half or the crash of two fully loaded 747 aircraft every day of the year.

Prescription Pills the New No. 1 Enemy in Drug Fight


Starting at 8 a.m. Thursday, detectives from the Scott County Sheriff's Department staked out a residence in the 400 block of William Street in Sikeston, Mo., based on information supplied by confidential informants.

By 5 p.m., at least a half-dozen officers had gone through the small white house executing a search warrant. They escorted one woman to the back seat of a police car while the other residents huddled on the porch, hands cuffed behind their backs.

Why People are Sick and Need Drugs


The Nature of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Now there is a lot of talk about conspiracy theories and doctors suppressing therapies and the FDA suppressing therapies, but whether or not there is a conspiracy is a moot point. There doesn't have to be a conspiracy. We have capitalism, a system in which every person has the right to grow up and make money. Every major corporation has the right to make as much money as possible, and for some reason, major corporations get more welfare than little corporations.

...Until the Side Effects Kill You


"There is no rational science behind what they think is the cause of these symptoms. The medications that are being given to people are, without exception, introducing chemicals that are altering the brain in ways which can be damaging. I'll go a step farther, that in the absence of a proven chemical imbalance for which the medication is, quote, 're-balancing or fixing', the medications are in fact toxic." --Dr. Grace Jackson

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