Curcumin (Turmeric) to Prevent Blood Clots


Presents a letter to the editor concerning the role of curcumin or turmeric in preventing blood clot.

Curcumin and chromosomal mutations


Examines the effect of curcumin on chromosomal mutations in dividing cells. Ability of curcumin to combat the formation of mutagens; Analysis of the bone marrow tissue for damage to the chromoso...

Curcumin Analogs Have Anti--Cancer Effects


Reports that scientist at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia have synthesized several chemical compounds based on curcumin that demonstrate promising anti-cancer activity. Underlying mechanism ...

Curcumin Inhibits the Classical and Alternate Pathways of Component Activation


The article reports on the medical benefit of curcumin to decrease the incidence of an inflammatory compound named complement per studies made by the Division of Medical Virology at the Universit...

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