Effect of proliferation, cell cycle, and Bcl-2s of MCF-7 cells by resveratrol


Our goals were to examine the dual-directional regulation effects of resveratrol (1) in vitro by using MCF-7 cells (estradiol receptor-positive cells), study its mechanism of action, and give a s...

Resveratrol as an Inhibitor of Carcinogenesis


Given the high probability of developing cancer over the period of a normal life span, cancer chemoprevention provides an attractive therapeutic strategy for the delay or reversal of this process...

Potential of resveratrol in anticancer and anti-inflammatory therapy


Phytochemicals present in food have shown significant prospects in the treatment and management of a vast array of human diseases. Resveratrol is a stilbene-type aromatic phytoalexin predominantl...

Curcumin Synergizes With Resveratrol to Inhibit Colon Cancer


Development and progression of many malignancies, including colorectal cancer, are associated with activation of multiple signaling pathways. Therefore, inhibition of these signaling pathways wit...

Resveratrol: Unique Nutrient for Extending Health Into Old Age


The article focuses on the benefits of resveratrol as a dietary supplement. Resveratrol improves blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, promotes circulatory benefits, protects the brain against dam...

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