Progesterone cream primer


The article focuses on the impact of estrogen and progesterone on the health of women. During perimenopause, estrogen and progesterone production typically begin to fall, paving the way for menop...

The Many Manifestations of Hormone Imbalance


The article discusses the synthetic therapies versus natural hormone approaches to the varied manifestations of hormonal imbalance. It cites the wild yam in its natural state for its progesterone...

Sync with your cycle


a more fulfilling workout Harness the power of your hormones to get the best workout

Ever feel like a workout schizophrenic? Krav Maga class was so much fun yesterday; today, you absolutely hate it. Last week's yoga session was so fulfilling, but now you're itching to jump up and run out of the room. Ballroom dancing lessons seemed like a great idea when you signed up for them, then you get to class and want to blend into the wallpaper. If this sounds like you, chances are your exercise moods are in sync with your menstrual cycle.

Using Natural Hormones to Treat Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone Deficiency


Discusses the use of natural hormones to treat estrogen, progesterone and testosterone deficiency. Causes of deficiencies; Estrogen and progesterone deficiencies in women with cystic fibrosis an...

Bioidentical Hormones: Why Are They Still Controversial?


The article explores the benefits of comprehensive approaches for the restoration of youthful hormone balance in menopausal women. It offers information about synthetic progestins and natural pro...

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