The Scoop on Popular Menopause Creams


Section: HEALTHY WOMAN "Many of my friends are using progesterone creams instead of hormone therapy to relieve their hot flashes and protect their bones. What do you think?"

Progesterone Deficiency, Yes; Estrogen, Maybe...


Most women don't want to run to their doctors for every ache or minor illness that comes their way. They'd rather just wait it out and let the body heal itself. Or maybe, like me, they're simply afraid to go -- anxious about being misdiagnosed or having to bring home yet another package of potent prescription drugs, with their usual side effects. Or concerned about having to endure a deluge of tests, perhaps to be told that there is nothing wrong and to be presented with a huge bill.

Progesterone Guards Against Disability Following Brain Injury


The article reports on the findings of the study regarding the effects of progesterone in patients with trauma resulting from brain injury in the U.S. Seventy-seven patients out of 100 were admin...

Natural balance


Depression, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, acne — many women can chalk these symptoms up to hormone imbalance. If you're one of them, try this 8-point plan to restore hormonal harmony.

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