TESTOSTERONE Attacked by the Media


Presents "Life Extension" reviews and critics of the new "Testosterone and Aging" book and the media's inaccurate portrayal in the U.S. Major flaw with these kinds of government-sponsored public...

Improve your SEX LIFE AND protect your HEART


The article reports that testosterone deficiency predisposes men to heart disease, depression and a host of other ailments associated with normal aging. The problem is that most doctors are ignor...

Using Natural Hormones to Treat Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone Deficiency


Discusses the use of natural hormones to treat estrogen, progesterone and testosterone deficiency. Causes of deficiencies; Estrogen and progesterone deficiencies in women with cystic fibrosis an...

Testosterone: Key to masculinity and more


From the first glance at the newborn, the evidence is obvious--a tiny penis and a scrotum enclosing the testes. No doubt about it; a male child.

But his gender wasn't always so clear. For the first six weeks or so of gestation, this new baby boy appeared identical to a girl. He had embryonic gonadal cells that looked like they could quite normally develop into ovaries. He had tissue apparently capable of forming fallopian tubes, a uterus, and vagina.

Is testosterone in your future?


It may roll back the wear and tear of aging

Imagine if there were a sure way to make you look and feel YOUNGER--and actual elixir that could give you more ENERGY and more muscle, and FLATTEN your BELLY to boot...

. . . AND LET'S SAY IT ALSO builds stronger bones, heightens your sense of well-being and gives you a more vibrant sex life. Sure, it sounds like some miracle pill hawked in the back of a supermarket tabloid. But the fact is, this wonder drug may exist And your body makes it

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