Low Testosterone May Signal High Metabolic Syndrome Risk


The article reports on the result of the study concerning the effect of low level testosterone in older people. The study which was participated by 400 men aging 79 years reveals that lower testo...

Improve your SEX LIFE AND protect your HEART


Discusses effects of testosterone deficiency on men. Loss of strength, virility, cognitive function and youthful health; Long-term consequence of testosterone deficiency; Production and purpose ..

Low Testosterone Associated with Endothelial Dysfunction in Men


The article reports on a study, which found that men with low levels of plasma testosterone are at increased risk of endothelial dysfunction, an underlying cause of cardiovascular disease. The in...

Women and testosterone


The article discusses the importance of testosterone in women. Women produce about one-tenth the testosterone of their male counterparts. It is important to them because it generates more energy ...

Passion, interrupted


Presents an article about the use of testosterone cream to increase sexual drive. Rejection of the approval of Intrinsa testosterone patch product by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Testo...

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