Supply and Demand


Relates the experience of the author on breastfeeding. Factors considered in infant feeding; Importance of sterilizing pump pieces and bottles; Methods of draining milk from breast; Effects of s...

Elevated Prolactin Linked To Breast Cancer


IN LAST MONTH'S ISSUE OF LIFE EXTENSION magazine, we repeated our recommendation that prostate cancer patients should have there prolactin blood levels checked, as excess amounts of this hormone can promote prostate cancer cell proliferation and prevent successful treatment.

A new study indicates that high levels of prolactin predispose healthy women to an increased risk of breast cancer. Prolactin is produced by the pituitary gland and, along with other hormones, stimulates the growth of the mammary glands and the production of milk after childbirth.



Provides information about the Gigantomastia, a rare connective tissue disorder that affects the breasts. Growth of breast tissue in gigantic proportions; Effect of sensitivity to prolactin on th...

Influence of Vitex agnus castus Extract on the Prolactin Secretion of Healthy Male Subjects


Within the framework of a placebo-controlled clinical study, the dose-dependent influence of Vitex agnus castus extract (extract of 120 mg, 240 mg, 480 mg of the drug per day) on tolerance and prolactin secretion of 20 healthy male subjects was studied after a 14 day dosage phase. In regard to undesired effects, the influence on blood pressure and heart rate, blood count, clinical-chemical laboratory parameters, as well as testosterone, FSH and LH values, good tolerance was observed for the extract.

Stay trim, boost breast milk


Start pregnancy at a healthy weight and you'll raise your odds of success at breast feeding. New Cornell University research has found that when you're overweight, you produce less of a hormone called prolactin in response to your baby's nursing. You need generous prolactin levels to turn on the milk works; low prolactin production in overweight women may explain why they often have trouble nursing, the researchers say.

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