Mechanisms of the Oxytocic Activity of Papaya Proteinases


Crude papaya latex (CPL) and its proteinases, papain (PPN) and chymopapain (CPN), are strong uterine contractants. The current study was carried out to examine possible mechanisms of the uterine ...

The Compassion Syndrome


Doing for others isn't always healthy, for them or you

The Physical and Emotional Effects of Postpartum Hormone Levels


Discusses the physical and psychological effects of hormones during the postpartum period. Estrogen; Progesterone; Oxytocin; Prolactin; Postpartum physical recovery; Postpartum emotional disorde...

Oxytocin - A Possible Mediator of Anti Stress Effects Induced by Acupuncture?


Reports the production of oxytocin from the paraventricular and the supraoptical nuclei of the hypothalamus. Stimulation of milk ejection and uterine contractions; Control of autonomic function;...

Oxytocin: Key Hormone In Sexual Intercourse, Parturition, And Lactation


As early as 1967 the anthropologist Margaret Mead, joined by psychologist Niles Newton, published some important observations on the laboring patterns of two separate cultures in Central and South America. In one culture, the Cuna Indians of Central America, coitus and birth were viewed with shame, and labor and delivery were orchestrated by a medicine man who, though not present at the event, made medicinal teas which he gave to the midwives to administer. Labors were reported to be prolonged and agonizing.

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