New sterol esters from the flowers of Punica granatum Linn


Two new ?-sitosterol esters have been isolated from the flowers of Punica granatum Linn. (Punicaceae) along with the known compounds n-tricosane (3), n-heptacosanyl n-hexanoate (4), olean-5,12-di...

Metabolic Effects of Avocado/Soy Unsaponifiables on Articular Chondrocytes


Avocado/soy unsaponifiable (ASU) components are reported to have a chondroprotective effect by virtue of anti-inflammatory and proanabolic effects on articular chondrocytes. The identity of the a...

Moducare Natural Plant Sterols


The article discusses the effects of sterols and sterolins on the human immune system, particularly Moducare, a blend of plant sterols that has been clinically proven to be effective in immune mo...

Estrogenic Activities of Fatty Acids and a Sterol Isolated from Royal Jelly


We have previously reported that royal jelly (RJ) from honeybees (Apis mellifera) has weak estrogenic activity mediated by interaction with estrogen receptors that leads to changes in gene expres...

Plant Sterols/Sterolins for Optimum Immunity


The article discusses the important role of plant sterols in the human immune system. The mixture of sterols or sterolins contribute to the enhancement and control of the immune system. Many chro...

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