Food and Your Mood


New research focuses on how what you eat affects how you feel

Maybe it's not just the sunny climate, dazzling blue sea and bountiful beaches that make people living around the Mediterranean more cheerful. Prior research has shown that the lifetime prevalence of mental disorders is lower in Mediterranean countries than in northern Europe. Now a new Spanish study suggests that part of the explanation might be the so-called "Mediterranean diet."

Serotonin syndrome in the differential diagnosis of spinal cord compression


The article presents a case study of an 85 year old prostrate cancer patient who developed serotonin syndrome (SS). SS is an iatrogenic complication of antidepressants and other drugs which poten...

Antidepressant-like effects of piperine and its derivative, antiepilepsirine


In the present study, antidepressant-like effects of piperine (PIP) and its derivative, antiepilepsirine (AES), were investigated in two depressive models: forced swimming test (FST) and tail sus...



If you've ever taken an antibiotic and an antacid--or popped dozens of other combos-- you've put yourself in danger. Drug interactions are sneaky, sinister--and more common than you think. Here's how to get the medications you need without becoming a statistic. VIEWERS OF the medical drama House have come to expect bizarre explanations for every symptom: A sudden case of the sweats might be the work of a 20-foot tapeworm. Or a hidden brain tumor. Or a 20-foot tapeworm with a hidden brain tumor.

Beat winter blues


The article focuses on managing "winter blues," a less severe form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), in a relatively short period of time. The article notes that the condition could be caused..

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