Are mask mandates enforceable?


There is not justification for anyone to wear a mask There are three files below in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and PDF formats. Use the PDF format if you're in Alberta, Canada. Use the Word ( .docx) and Apple Pages ( .pages) files to format to your location.

When asked why I'm not wearing a mask, I nicely say, "I'm legally/medically exempt from wearing one."
Then I hand the security guard or manager the 3 pages, "If you have any questions, please let me know." Then walk away and do my thing.

Sometimes they say, "It's store/business policy that our customers wear masks."

Doctors and Scientists on Covid-19


"This [covid-19] is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public." --Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MD, MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP

"Anthony Fauci doesn't know anything about anything. Nothing. The man thinks you can take a blood sample, stick it in an electron microscope, and if it's got a virus in there, you'd know the person is sick. He doesn't understand microscopy. He doesn't understand medicine. He shouldn't be in the position he's in." --Kary Mullis, biochemist, inventor of PCR (polymerase chain reaction), 1993 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry

Covid-19 PCR test is useless--it can find anything in anyone


PCR (polymerase chain reaction) was invented in the early 1980s as a forensic crime tool. Trace amounts of blood, tissue, saliva, or other bodily materials found at crime scenes could be amplified and a DNA profile could be created with the PCR test. PCR was invented by Dr. Kary Mullis (December 28, 1944 - August 7, 2019), who won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The keyword is AMPLIFIED. For example, the test can be used to find feces on money, ATM machines, cash registers, TV remote controls, table surfaces, and even restaurant equipment.

Covid-19 virus never isolated (it doesn't exist)


When the Chinese virus was introduced to North America, it was commonly referred to as the "covid-19 virus" or the coronavirus by the mainstream media. A few months into the scamdemic, covid-19 wasn't a virus but it was a disease caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus.

There is nothing new with this fake covid-19 disease/virus. The symptoms are the same as cold and flu symptoms. Respiratory symptoms are the most common, and that's why every scamdemic has respiratory symptoms.

Covid-19 according to a research scientist


Dr. Saeed Qureshi is a retired Research Scientist from Health Canada, he has over 30 years of experience.

1. The initial symptoms of patients from Wuhan were presumed to be of viral origin without adequate proof.

2. Despite the CDC's claim to the contrary, the Sars-Cov-2 virus was not isolated.

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