Autism Linked to Mercury Vaccine


By Rosie Waterhouse

MERCURY in vaccines for babies and infants could be the cause of a steep rise in cases of autism in children around the world, according to a growing number of scientists.

The increase in reports of autism in Britain, America and some other countries coincides with a growth in the number of inoculations given to young children, say the researchers.

Toxin in DPT Vaccine May Cause Autism


Is Autism A G-Alpha Protein Defect Reversible With Natural Vitamin A?


Typical Course of An Autistic Patient


1. Hepatitis B immunization at 12 hours after birth. DPT immunization at 4 and 8 weeks*; oral polio immunization also at 4 and 8 weeks, again at 3 months. Schedule now being changed; children will receive 2 doses of live attenuated oral polio and 2 doses killed polio; oral polio can cause disease; only killed polio is used in Europe.

2. Because of great decrease in cell-mediated immunity (CMI) in infants, the vaccines lower CMI further; one decreases CMI by 50%; two together by 70%. Longest safety trial of of the triple vaccine (MMR, all live attenuated viruses) was three weeks.

Mercury Linked to Autism


This book will begin to answer questions about what many will eventually call the worst medical tragedy in modern medical history. The corrupt political system that has tried to protect and cover up the facts about this atrocity has only begun to show its evil face. This book tries to answer questions about why "Autism" has exploded into a national epidemic.

This national tragedy could have and should have been avoided.
These afflicted children need help.
The establishment(s) that caused this tragedy have been unsympethic, evasive and full of legal denials.

Vaccines Linked to Autism


by Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock BSc.

There has been a fair degree of publicity recently, more in some parts of the world than others, in relation to the research that has linked the MMR vaccine to autism. What is the most publicised is that UK researcher Dr Andrew Wakefield and his group of researchers studied children who developed Crohn's disease and autism and linked them to the MMR vaccine that they had been administered (Lancet 1998).

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