The article discusses epigenetics, which deals with the effect of the diet on human genetic endowment and its potential modulation by dietary factors. It differentiates epigenetics from epigenesi...

Environmental influence on epigenetic inheritance


The article presents a study which examines the environmental influence on epigenetic inheritance at thevy allele. It is mentioned that methyl donor supplementation does not directly i...

Introduction: diet, epigenetic events and cancer prevention


Information about the symposium entitled "Diet, Epigenetic Events, and Cancer Prevention" hosted by the Division of Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Institute, Office of Dietary Supplements, Of...

Epigenetic regulation of chromatin structure and gene function by biotin: are biotin requirements being met?


The article presents the study on the epigenetic regulation of chromatin structure and gene function of biotin. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and DNA-binding proteins composes chromatin which inclu...

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