The Healing Power of Peppers: Part 1; Cayenne As A Curative


An entry from the journal of Priddy Meeks, a doctor in mid-nineteenth-century Utah, sets the scene for our special report on the medicinal uses of chile peppers:

"He reached Parowan with both feet frozen above his ankles. He was left with me to have both feet amputated, as it was thought there was no possible chance to save his life without amputation. I was at my wit's end to know what to do. I saw no possible chance for amputation. An impulse seemed to strike my mind as tho by inspiration that I would him cayenne pepper inwardly and see what effect that would have on the frozen feet.

Cayenne is hot, hot, hot!


Cayenne (Capsicum annum) has been used since the beginning of history in South and Central America as a culinary and medicinal herb. Cayenne pepper is a fruit, much like a tomato. This bright red fruit grows in warm tropical climates on small perennial shrubs that bloom with white flowers in late summer.

Varieties of cayenne are cultivated all over the world. The strength and medicinal value range from the most powerful pepper grown in Sierra Leone, Africa, to the mild paprika enjoyed in Hungary.

Hot news about cayenne


The article offers information on the health benefits of Cayenne pepper. It is available in capsules, cream, and loose spice forms. It is mentioned that consuming cayenne in foods or as a capsule...

Add spice to your health...with cayenne


Dried and ground, cayenne, also known as chili pepper, may well be the hottest item on your spice rack, but it is probably the hottest item in your medicine chest as well.

A yen for cayenne HEALING HEAT


The article focuses on the therapeutic use of cayenne. It states that cayenne has been used medically for at least 9,000 years. It can people who are suffering from chronic cold hands and feet by...

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