Broccoli Sprouts Help Prevent Bladder Cancer


The article reports on a study, which found that an extract of broccoli sprouts given to rats dramatically reduced the development of bladder tumors. The cancer-preventive effect of broccoli seem...

Compound in Broccoli May Help Protect Against Asthma and Other Respiratory Diseases


The article examines the study conducted by Los Angeles-based University of California to determine the effectiveness of sulforaphane found in cruciferous vegetables in preventing respiratory inf...

Broccoli Chemicals May Reduce Prostate Cancer Incidence


The article reports on a study in Great Britain, which shows that consumption of broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables helps in reducing the higher risk of prostate cancer among men. The stud...

Broccoli and Beyond!


The article presents information about the nutrient and vitamin content of several cruciferous vegetables. A cup of cooked Brussels sprouts, with 61 calories contains 4 grams of fiber, 4 grams of...

Broccoli Compound Targets Breast Cancer Stem Cells


The article discusses research which was conducted at the University of Michigan and found that a chemical compound called sulforaphane, which is found in broccoli and broccoli sprouts, targets b...

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