Bee Pollen

Bee pollen


The article presents information on the benefit of bee pollen in enhancing the energy level as well as the immune system. Bees could be considered as nature's workaholics. Their days are spent ma...

Bee Pollen: The Perfect Food; Supplement to The Art of Getting Well


In the search for health one's attention is constantly drawn to the evolutionary aspects of our nutritional needs, the so-called cave-man diet. Everyone knows that man did not have sugarcane during his stone age -- and probably the only direct source for fructose, sucrose and glucose was fruit and vegetables -- with the exception of nectar from flowers and its concentrate, honey from wild bees.

Bee Nutrition & Bee Medication: What the Bee Really is not What it is Getting


The author comments on the problems with beekeeping. He mentions the three beekeeping practices that have always bothered him which include flagrant antibiotic use, pollen substitutes and feeding...

Bee pollen: the allergy cure?


A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of using bee pollen to cure allergies.

Medicine from the Hive


The article focuses on the importance of the hive to apitherapy, the therapeutic use of honeybee products. It considers honey among the best sources of high quality nourishment and energy that su...

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