Maca: secret of the Incas


Travel to Peru? Not necessary! Pick up this enhancer right here.

What would you say to an herb with over 1,000 years of safe use, which is proven to enhance libido and sexual function? You'd probably say "yes," which is what people throughout Peru, Europe, and Japan are saying to maca (Lepidium meyenii), a radishlike tuber that grows in the high altitudes of Peru's central highlands. This simple plant may be one of the most potent sex enhancers in all of nature.

Peruvian 'Power Plant'


Maca boosts libido, stamina, energy, and endurance

At 15,000 feet in Peru's Junin Plateau, I'm looking at some of the world's worst farmland Yet despite the intense sunlight, the violent winds, and the bone-chilling cold, maca flourishes here.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii), a tuberous root with a tangy taste and a butterscotch aroma, is a staple used by Peruvian highlanders for centuries in baked goods, porridges, puddings, and jams.

Boiled in water, it's sweeter than cocoa. The plant has a folkloric reputation for boosting fertility in cattle and humans.

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