Maca Maca


Offers information on maca maca, which is also referred to as Peruvian ginseng. Reputation for arousing sexual desire; Strengthening and stimulation of the libido; Regulation of the ovaries and ...

maca, muy caliente!


The article presents information about maca, a hot Peruvian herb which helps in boosting libido and fertility in men and offers multiple benefits for women. Maca is used primarily for treating er...

Organic Maca


The article reviews Organic Maca, a superfood which fuels the endocrine system from Maca Magic Powder and Liquid Extracts.



Focuses on maca, a radish-like tuber used for sexual enhancement by the Inca. Origin of maca; Reasons for using maca; Nutritional contents of maca.

Maca EH


The article evaluates the Maca EH healing supplement developed by Ohio-based Earth Healers from plants organically grown in Peru's Andean mountains to promote hormonal balance and thyroid support...

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