Where Do Prescription Drugs Come From?


Have you wondered why prescription drugs have so many side effects?
Or why the argument that natural medicine is superior to pharmaceutical drugs is valid?

“As previously discussed, the active ingredients of prescription drugs are often derived from plants. In order to create a “patentable” pharmaceutical drug, the manufacturer must somehow alter the molecules so that they are no longer completely natural. Most natural substances are not patentable, so they can’t be priced competitively. Pharmaceutical companies ending up changing the molecules into something the body doesn’t recognize and something that isn’t well-matched to the body’s natural systems. This is one reason for the very high frequency of side effects seen with prescription drugs.

Scientists usually start with plant extracts and then attempt to isolate the active ingredients that have some therapeutic effect on the body. What these so-called “active” ingredients usually lack are the plant’s synergistic ingredients--the other plant substances that help the active ingredients perform their functions. Nutraceuticals are natural therapeutic products that contain substances that exist in nature, but in order for them to be classified as prescription drugs, their active ingredients must be isolated in a lab. Once they [active ingredients of plant extracts] have been chemically altered, they are unlike anything found in nature. This is the difference between prescription drugs and nutraceuticals: nutraceuticals include synergistic ingredients necessary to optimize the health-promoting effects of the active ingredient, while prescription drugs are isolated compounds.” --Dr. Earl Mindell, Author of Easing The Pain Of Arthritis Naturally: Everything You Need To Know To Combat Arthritis Safely And Effectively

Basically, prescription drugs try to mimic nature. But why settle for an imitation when you can have the real thing at a lower price that is much safer and more effective?

There is a natural equivalent to every prescription (synthetic) drug; you just have to find what that is for the condition you have.

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