Cure for cancer?

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[Going back over 100 years numerous medical men such as Coley, Hoffer, Burzynski, Gerson, Ivy, Burton, Manner, Revici, Hamer (95% cure rate), Issels, Beres, Moerman, Pallares, Nichols, Willner, scientists/researchers such as Warburg, Rife, Koch, Reams, Naessens, Beljansky, Kelley, Krebs, Stone, Beard, Budwig, Cantwell, Livingstone, Beres, healers such as Keller, Shulze, Breuss, Kushi, Binzel, Hoxsey, Caisse, Wigmore etc, (and age old medicine such as Urine therapy) have found answers to cancer, the combined knowledge of which would cure most, if not all, cancers, certainly combined with the knowledge the Elite keep to themselves which is 100-500+ years ahead of anything we are allowed to use (see: Suppressed/secret technology).

However, the Medical Mafia (with the help of the Elite) has suppressed all this non-pharma (Allopathic) cancer knowledge (Reason 1: $400 Billion yearly turnover. 2: Human genocide) as well the causes (and prevention), the main suspects being Death Towers, Chemtrails, Junk Food, chemicals and drugs such as Pesticides, and vaccines, along with sugar, root-canals and miasms, while they have actively promoted the widespread use of cancer agents, such as fluoridation, Aspartame & MSG (see the full set here). And the deaths resulting from this enforced, mostly deadly cancer medicine, can be added to the 783,936 yearly USA Allopathic deaths. To compound that Mammography is completely ineffective and dangerous, spreads fear, and Nobel laureate, Dr. John Gofman, believed that 50% of cancer was caused by unnecessary radiation primarily related to diagnostic x-ray studies!