Children and medication not a good mix--Memoirs of a Medicated Child

Concept Statement: Memoirs of a Medicated Child


That’s one of the problems with the use of drugs in kids. We don’t know the long-term risks.” --Thomas Laughren, Acting Director of the FDA Division of Psychiatric Products in the Center for Drug Evaluation & Research. [Your child becomes a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical industry when you consent to put them on drugs.]

Spanning twenty-seven years of grueling mental anguish and doctor malpractice, my story represents the first documented long-term case to ever surface. In this brutally honest memoir, I chronicle the aftermath of a normal child wrongly diagnosed and medicated by psychiatrists.

While other teenagers grabbed their seats at the movie release of Jaws, or rocked to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, my life was falling apart. At the tender age of fourteen, my existence was little more than a spiraling nightmare of unspeakable horrors after being prescribed medications that caused insidious side effects mimicking psychotic disorders like schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. Meanwhile, the public naively accepted the guarantee of checks and balances within the health profession to protect children from such destructive side effects. However, my real-life account proves that no safeguard exists.

During my most impressionable years of development, psychiatrists not only prescribed medications that drove me clinical insane, but they used these induced psychoses to justify unethical mental treatments. In the course of my young adult years, I was prescribed nineteen mind-numbing medications that would eventually destroy my life, shattering any hope of normalcy for my future. Unbelievably, these documents reveal a shocking truth that not one psychiatrist challenged these fraudulent diagnoses or medications prescribed.

Memoirs of a Medicated Child is the first story to ever take parents into a three-decade odyssey of a misdiagnosed child, driven insane by side effects from experimental psychiatric prescribed medications. This nightmarish world of psychiatric incompetence, mind-numbing psychotropic drugs, boy’s homes, mental institutions, drug abuse, and finally prison is a journey that not many live to tell. This is a story where, against all odds, the unquenchable human spirit prevails, resurrecting my mind back to the world of the sane where my quest begins to expose these psychiatric atrocities affecting millions of children today.

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