Bad Medicine: More reasons to avoid prescription drugs

Bad Medicine: The Human Cost of Animal Experiments

It is the first UK produced film exposing the full implications of basing a system of medicine on the practice of animal experimentation, or vivisection, and was produced to counter the bombardment of pro-vivisection propaganda that has been purposely manufactured and disseminated by a media – the BBC in particular – that has been only too eager to take up without question the cause of those whose task it is to convince us that vivisection ‘works’. Bad Medicine exposes: The devastating toll in human lives because of animal 'safety-tested' drugs, and why animal testing is used as a scapegoat when drugs kill and injure people The reasons why animal research cannot help people, and how human health is declining despite - or rather because of - the billions spent on animal research How the cancer industry is not interested in genuine cancer treatments The real reasons for the decline of the infectious diseases How the media and politicians both benefit from vivisection's continuation How many within the medical profession are opposed to vivisection, and how the practice is the cause of an out-of-control 'health-care' expenditure That vivisection is responsible for the poisoning of our environment...

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