There is before you, and each soul on earth, a path to awakening to the pure potential of Christ light that resides within your heart-space. This light is most notable in those who are beginning to awaken during this most chaotic time period on earth...What this means is that those who are on earth at this time to recognize their divinity are here for good reason, for they hold the light packets and the infinity codes within their DNA and genetic wiring for complete transmutation of lower vibrations.

These dormant aspects of your current biology offer you the ability to step outside of your limited perceptions of self and the life around you to realize the beauty of interconnectivity and oneness that surrounds you. This, my friend(s), is why you are on earth at this special time. This is why you have chosen to awaken at this particular stage of earths evolutionary journey.

Your purpose on this earth is none other than to awaken to the beauteous splendor of who you really are and that which expresses the joy of creation. Stepping into this role is one that requires a shedding of the old and outworn paradigms of life to begin to realize that there is more than the human eye can see and the human heart can dream. Now and in this stage of your journey, you are beginning to put the cosmic pieces of your puzzle together to form a cohesive and structured pathway that will lead you to the infinite expansion of your inner most dwelling.

This space is one that you have implanted within before your incarnation here and it is the work of your soul to guide you to this remembering. In this time in earth's history there is the potential for a complete and total resurrection of the body of this planet and therefore, the inhabitants upon it. So then, what is your special part? What we would like to provide you with is an understanding of how the genetic aspects of human construction works to assist in awakening the human consciousness.

There, in the space of what you call the earth dimensions are frequencies or codes that are written into geometric grid systems of light and intelligence and connect each human to a level of understanding of perceptual reality. This grid system works to incorporate all the levels of cosmic and stellar activity within the physical embodiment of a soul. The purpose then, of these grid systems is to allow for each individual to grasp the information and consciousness of a particular field for the purpose of individual and collective awareness and experience in 3d, better known as the tangible dimensions of earth.

Your role then in this grid system is to connect with and incorporate the light that is emanating from these electromagnetic fields as they relate to you, to restore, rebalance and re-calibrate your human form. When this has been achieved, those who are ready to walk into the new and higher vibrations on earth will be prepared and well suited as they will have been guided by these unseen forces to their destiny. This is the genetic/energetic perspective. The spiritual or perspective of awareness is that one must be in a state of complete clarity and harmonic balance to achieve the level of trust and knowingness necessary to employ the missions of the soul. This state of clarity is one that is achieved by the letting go of preconceived notions of what is, what was, and what will be, to allow for the truth to become.

I will expand upon that by saying that you are in a position to step onto the path of your limitless potential, should you choose it. This path is one that was set into motion by you and therefore only you can take yourself to the infinite. Taking yourself to the infinite is merely a process of allowing...should you allow yourself the greatness of who you really are, you will succeed victoriously. The path of awakening to your divine potential is one that requires little, but the requirement is one that the human ego resists. This requirement is surrendering to the experience of what is, outside of thinking.

We say surrender as a form of allowing, yet surrender is often an active pursuit. TO surrender one must be in an active role of participation with the soul, and in complete faith. This active participation is the process of seeing clearly what is of egoic making, but squarely requires the muscle of trust to be developed and readily exercised. Faith then, is the only pathway to truth and finding the truth of who you are is not to be found in your thoughts, but in the experiences of the heart. This state of mind that humans created with thoughts of separation is actually the state of mind that must be transcended to affirm the afore mentioned truth.

Once this state of mind has been realized, you are then in a position to understand, with clarity and by visceral experience, the truth of your being. This is the space to not only realize your innermost desires and passion, but to begin to put them in motion. The questions that reside in the human heart are there for good reason, to remind you that you are more than you "think" you are.

Allowing this light of truth to descend upon you is paramount to your fulfillment. Those who honor these questions of the heart, are those who courageously step on the path and claim their true power as conscious cocreators, capable of divine fulfillment and infinite joy.

What then are your questions of the heart, dear soul(s)? What is calling to you deep within the inner most recesses of your being? ..The answers to those calls are also within you, and the process to remembering is in your hands. You hold the power to eliminate all in your life that no longer serves you in order to make room for what does. The space that you hold is yours by definition, you must create the new space that you desire without the distractions of society or the voices of others.

You alone make this journey to your full potential, but there is help along the way. You are always guided well, but you must answer the inner call.

Beloved one(s), know that as you begin to explore the inner world of the soul, you can allow the outer world of your prior creations to disassemble with peace. You can follow the undercurrent of where your life is leading you and feel confident that you are being led by the seat of your power and expression of your higher self. This version of yourself is what will bring you into total harmony and balance through experience, and will allow for you to express that which is unexpressed.

You will come to know what you long for as you allow life to lead you, so contrarily opposed to leading your life. Most often this requires a mere shift in consciousness, for one cannot think their way to salvation. Experience is neither good nor bad, it is only what you perceive it to be, so allow for experience to alter you and you will benefit greatly. A human life has the potential for ultimate peace, love and joy, but to achieve this, one must BE the blend of such balance.

This balance is especially important in relationships for relationships require that one give and receive equally. In order to give, one must have; in order to receive, one must allow. This balance is a natural by-product of intimate relationships especially, and is achieved through the afore mentioned experiences of the heart. When one allows for the light to enter the heart-space, like-attractions become commonplace.

This allowing is what manifesting is made of, synchronciities that form as a basis to living a life with ease. Often, the human ego will block these miracles by interjecting with thoughts of doubt and feelings of powerlessness as a result of a hardened heart which blocks the love that already surrounds you. Heal your heart of all that no longer serves your vision of life and the love that is already yours will come into plain view. The human being was designed to create. So then, beloved one, what will you create with your infinite power?

What will you attract with your limitless potential through the formless substance of creation? We say, uncover and BE who you are in truth and you will attract all that you ARE by default.

Blessings and miracles are bestowed upon you always, but only if you allow for them. You can feel safe to let go, many are waiting to escort you to your destiny. These soul-mates will appear when you are ready to allow and receive them.

Thanks to origional post by: Lightworkers


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