Homeopathy at Home: A Change of Seasons


Homeopathy at Home: A Change Of Seasons

A tickle in the throat, a sudden urge to cough, teary eyes, a feeling of uneasiness. Yes, your body has been taken over by an invasion of the sniffles, congestion and the chills shared with you by your loving daughter or an aloof co-worker. We have all felt this sensation at one time or another, especially during the change of seasons. These colds and sore throats tend to last days and disrupt our otherwise orderly agendas.

Homeopathic remedies can stop these invasions and reverse their disruptive courses. Through Samuel Hahnemann's Law of Similars, a homeopathic remedy with the same general characteristics as the cold or sore throat that you are experiencing can stimulate your immune system to resist the virus.

The Law of Similars can be best explained through the description of the homeopathic remedy Apis mellifica (the honey bee). The general characteristics of being stung by a honey bee are as follows: the development of a red, hot, shiny, swollen area which has a stinging pain and feels better when cold applications are used. These symptoms are some of the general characteristics associated with the Apis mellifica remedy. So if a person is afflicted with a sore throat that has the same characteristics then Apis is the indicated remedy. This is what is meant by "like cures like."

Other remedies for sore throats include causticum and silicea. A sore throat with the following symptoms: rawness, burning, soreness with either a rough voice or loss of voice would indicate causticum. Silicea, on the other hand, would be for a throat characterized by swollen glands, a stinging feeling upon swallowing and a pin-like sensation in the tonsils.

There are numerous remedies for colds. Some of the more common ones used are aconite, Allium cepa, belladonna, bryonia, gellsemium and colubrina. Aconite is for the initial stage of a fever that comes on suddenly. The person sneezes frequently, has a stuffed up nose and is thirsty. For the person who also sneezes a lot but whose nose and eyes stream, Allium cepa is indicated.

Like aconite, belladonna is used for colds that also come on suddenly, however the nose tends to be swollen, sore, red and hot. The face is hot and flushed and there is a violent headache.

The bryonia-type of cold tends to start slowly and spread to the chest. The eyes are red and watery and the lips and mouth are dry. For an influenza-type of cold, gellsemium is used. The person is chilled, has a dull headache, has heavy eyelids and aches all over.

And for the person who is known for his or her "irritability" when catching a cold, and also experiences much sneezing, an alternately blocked and running nose, and a dry mouth, colubrina is indicated.

If your cold or sore throat matches any of the above symptom pictures it is best to use remedies in a 6C strength, five times a day. The homeopathic remedies can be purchased at health food stores.

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By Pam Nori

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