Soothing a Chronic Sore Throat


I'm 50 years old and in good health. For three years, I've had an ongoing sore throat. All tests are normal. What does TCM say about this?

I believe your problem is caused by an energy deficiency in the kidney and liver-meridians for these organs run through the throat. At 50, it is not uncommon for the energy of these key organs to begin to decline.

Because the real source of your problem is an energy deficiency, it's not surprising that your Western tests are normal. But there are a few natural things you can try: Take a half teaspoon of royal jelly a day. You can also try taking 2,000 milligrams each of American ginseng and dong quai twice a day. Drinking oyster or clam juice as often as you can, may also help.

But your condition will improve much faster if you find a skilled Chinese herbalist who understands how to treat this condition.

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By Nan Lu

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