Healing through Homeopathy: A Case of Premenstrual Migraine Headaches with Vomiting


Healing through Homeopathy: A Case of Premenstrual Migraine Headaches with Vomiting

Patty was a 40 year-old single mother and adult education teacher who home-schooled her own two children. She had had difficulty with severe migraine headaches before her period ever since the birth of her second child six years ago. Three years ago the headaches settled into a pattern, occurring regularly before her menstrual period. The headaches were worse on the right side. They would start at the base of her skull and radiate to the forehead. She would get very irritable with the headache. The pain could be so bad that it would make her feel panicky and desperate. When the headaches appeared, they would get worse as the day wore on and the vomiting would begin in the late afternoon. The headaches could last for days. She would feel nausea which was worse from watching moving objects, such as an assembly line in a cannery. The vomiting could be brought on by rising from a sitting position. Heat made her headaches worse, as did alcohol. Also, when her blood sugar was low or she felt stressed, she was more likely to have a headache. She felt in a dreamy, altered state with the headaches, and they were often accompanied by chills and hot flashes.

When the headaches started, her marriage had just broken up after the birth of her child. Things had gotten better since then, but relationships were still not easy for her. Recently she had sworn off men for six months. Patty had a normal libido. Her feelings would get easily hurt in relationships. She would withdraw and hold on to her feelings. She didn't like to cry in front of people. With her children she could be irritable, but she didn't like to do that. She didn't want to hurt them. She was affectionate with her children most of the time. She said that "people think I'm calm, but I'm not." She felt too hurried much of the time. She liked to listen to classical music whenever she felt melancholy. It helped her hold the mood or change it to a happier one. She had studied English and voice in college, where she had developed her love for music.

Patty didn't do well if she got overheated. If she was too hot in bed it made her panicky. When she was out in the sun, her skin would get bright red and the sun gave her a headache. She had severe claustrophobia, especially if there wasn't enough air, there were too many people, or she couldn't get out of the place she was in.

She also complained of pain in the left knee and right elbow, which hurt on flexion. She would get a muscle spasm in the upper back near the scapula, which gave her numbness in the right arm and fingers. She also had low back pain before and during the period, and ovarian pain on the last day of her period. Patty also had a strong desire for salty foods, which would aggravate her headaches and make one finger swell.

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By Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman

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