Clinical Snapshot: Diarrhea and Anxiety


Diarrhea and Anxiety

C.G., a thirty-five year-old mother of one, had been on Medorrhinum as well as a number of other remedies in the past five years. Recently she had a recurrence of malignant melanoma for which she elected to do surgery. She is currently taking Interferon, which initially caused tremendous nausea and responded well to Cadmium sulphuricum. She was on Medorrhinum LM6 when she called with a peculiar set of symptoms.

"I have a stomach thing; diarrhea, with a lot of anxiety." When I asked about the anxiety, she said she felt like she was sighing all the time because she couldn't breathe. She was worse at night. She had a pain in the left side of her abdomen. The abdomen was swollen and distended and better with pressure. She said it was better lying on the left side. She added that she felt like she was going to vomit, but she hadn't. She was thirsty. Upon questioning, she confirmed that she had increased salivation and that she was incontinent.


Diarrhea and Anxiety

Prescription: Squilla 200C, one dose.

Comments: The first rubric I chose was "Anxiety in the stomach." I felt that the anxiety originated in the gastric region. For the abdominal symptoms I used:

ABDOMEN; PAIN; general; left hypochondria

STOMACH; PAIN; general; lying on left side amel.

ABDOMEN; PAIN; general; lying on left side amel.

The only remedy that was in all the rubrics was Squilla maritima. I was unfamiliar with this remedy for any other use than cough, but I asked for the keynote of incontinence and, when confirmed, I gave Squilla 200C, which promptly resolved all the symptoms including anxiety, difficulty breathing, salivation, incontinence, and splenic pain. Clarke says, "In those dull pains on the border of the left hypochondriac and epigastric regions, there being no signs of any liver affection, I have used Scil. as a remedy with advantage. Rademacher also mentions as cured by Scil. (a) those so-called "stomach pains" that are made much better by lying on the left side, and probably in reality splenic, (b) one case of continuous asthma from a splenic affection, with nocturnal exacerbation, (c) (possibly) splenic dropsy."

One can only postulate on the effects of the Interferon on the spleen.

American Institute of Homeopathy.

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