Probiotics for Burn-Related Diarrhea


Probiotics for Burn-Related Diarrhea

Reference: Chen J, Zhang Y, Xiao G. A preliminary clinical study of bifidobacteria preparation on the treatment of diarrhea in severely burned patients. Chin Med J 1998; 111:381-2.

Summary: A group of 34 male and 9 female burn patients with diarrhea participated in the study. They were all given 20 ml of bifidobacteria (providing 15.6 billion viable organisms) by mouth three times daily. They were not treated with antibiotics or other antidiarrheal medications. Initial stool testing showed significantly lower counts of normal gut flora including bifidobacteria in the burn patients' feces compared to ten healthy controls. After three days of taking bifidobacteria, the levels of normal enterobacteriaceae and bifidobacteria were significantly improved compared to baseline, though they were still lower than controls. After six days, 39 of the 43 patients (91%) no longer had diarrhea. No adverse effects were observed from the probiotic supplementation.

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By E. Yarnell

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