Kan Jang Decreases Symptoms of a Common Cold


Kan Jang Decreases Symptoms of a Common Cold

Reference: Hancke J, Burgos R, Caceres D, Wikman G. A double-blind study with a new monodrug Kan Jang: Decrease of symptoms and improvement in the recovery from common colds. Phytother Res 1995; 9:559-62.

Summary: In this study, 61 patients with common colds were treated with either Kan Jang (1200 mg Andrographis paniculata standardized to 4 mg andrograpolides) or a placebo for four days. Andrographis paniculata is reported in the literature to have a variety of antibacterial and antiviral effects (in vivo and in vitro). The patients were evaluated at the onset of the study and after four days of treatment. No adverse reactions were related to the use of Kan Jang. Signs and symptoms were comparable in the two groups at the onset of the study. Highly significant reductions in clinical symptoms (tiredness, sweating/shivering, headaches, sore throat, and muscle pains) were reported after four days in the Kan Jang treated group as compared to the control group. No difference in the presence of clinical signs (rhinitis, sinus pain, inflammation of lymph nodes and headaches) was evident between the two groups. There was, however, a diminution in the intensity of the signs observed in the Kan Jang treated group versus the controls.

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